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Your Session Will be


Our initial session will be dedicated to assessing your current state and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.


After your initial assessment, we will decide the best wellness plan for your condition.


Your wellness plan may include a combination of breath work or gasotransmitor therapy, self massage, acupoint stimulation, Nutrional therapy and herbal therapy.

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What to Expect

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After your initial consultation, your practitioner will want a follow-up consultation weekly for four weeks.  After this consults range from 2-8weeks depending on your progress and condition.  Herbs will not be prescribed without a consult unless previously discussed.  Before each consultation, you will be asked to email pictures of your tongue (an instructional video is provided).  This is done to help with our diagnosis and see how your progressing.

Wellness Therapies

TCM Herbal Therapy

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine uses combinations of herbs called formulas.  Formulas can treat a wider range of conditions by using the herbal interactions to increase effectiveness, decrease side effects and have more precise actions.  Formulas can be taken in different forms such as tinctures, tea pills, casules, teas and granules.  We can develop a custom formula, combine formulas or use a single formula for your condition.

Herb Prices

Herbal formulas can range from $12-$50 per bottle custom formulas being at the high end.  Pick-up or shipping options are available.  Shipping ranges from $8.40-$16.  A single formula can last between 11-15 days.  

It is important to take your herbs regularly as percribed.  This can range from a few days for acute conditions to a few months for chronic conditions.  In complex conditions treatment can require different phases of formulas to bring the body back to health. 

Gasotrasmitory Therapy

Gasotransmitters are specific gases in the body that act as neurotransmitters.  By using different breathing techniques we can affect the amount and distribution of different gasotransmitters. In doing that affect the immune system, mood, energy, sleep, lung capacity,  pain and inflammation.

Nutritional Therapy

Your body has its own climate and ecosystem learn what foods can do to foster the health of your bodies own ecosystem or microbiome.  Learn how to view foods in a different light than just its nutrient properties.  How does that food fit into your bodies climate and ecosystem. 

Acupoint Stimulation

Acupuncture point stimulators are ideally suited for self-care at home. With proper guidance, they can be an effective health management tool and offer quick symptom relief!

All stimulators whether they run on battery or are piezoelectric, work by the safe and effective electrical stimulation of acupuncture points.

While not as effective as needles,

electrical acupuncture point stimulators are about 10X more effective than acupressure alone.

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