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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Humans

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Our mission is to help you manage your acute situation and give you tools to incorporate into a daily wellness plan.  Health is not a goal it's a path.  We hope to provide you with transformative techniques to better balance your life and help minimize the effects of the continuous stress that come along the way. 

Our Story

In many Zen Buddhist temples, onions are not used when cooking.  It is thought that they agitate the mind. The idea of being aware of the actions of such a seemingly small commonplace thing that we eat or do every day is awe-inspiring.  In our culture we don’t usually notice something unless it’s overpowering or abrasive. We have lost or maybe never had the subtle nuanced awareness of our consumption and cumulative habits.


It took me years to first notice and then stop drinking coffee because it was giving me panic attacks. Talk about an overpowering message to reflect!   I can only imagine what subtle effects the things we take in every day are doing to us.  We consume so much unaware for perceived necessity or enjoyment: food, drinks, air, skin products, environment, information.  What would more awareness show us?  Is there really enjoyment when you're eating ice-cream if you're addicted to sweets?  Are you really enjoying the company of friends if you’re afraid of being alone?  


For me, one of the best ways to bring awareness is a change in perspective.  One of my favorite contemplations is the poem (translated) Free and Easy Wanderer which happens to be the inspiration for a widely popular herbal formula:


Long ago,  a certain Chuang-Tzu dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly fluttering here and there on a whim happy and carefree, knowing nothing of Chuang-Tzu.  Then, all of a sudden he awoke to find that he was, beyond all doubt, Chuang-Tzu. Who knows if it was Chaung-Tzu dreaming a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming Chuang-Tzu?


Milwaukee Urban Acupuncture has had its own journey of awareness and change in perspective.  We were founded in 2013 as a community acupuncture clinic trying to bring health to as many people as possible.  We soon realized we were not having the impact we wanted.  Today we are here as a guide for people ready to deepen their wellness routine and bring awareness and new perspective into their lives.

Meet The Team

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