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Book a Virtual Chinese Medicine appointment that takes place from the comfort of your own home.
We will deliver an acupuncture point stimulator to your door within 24 hours of booking  (Milwaukee area only, appointment booked must included start-up kit). Evergreen Herbal prescription can be delivered directly to your home.

A Virtual Chinese Medicine Appointment or Telemedicine is great when you can’t make it to the clinic for an in-person treatment. Telemedicine appointments happen in real-time with a real practitioner from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Your acupuncturist can help you to manage your condition by providing Acupuncture point protocols, activities/breathwork suggestions, nutritional recommendations and herbal prescriptions to alleviate symptoms.

When you book your appointment we will send you a video link on so you can send us a picture of your tongue prior to your appointment. 

We can tell a lot from a picture and pointed questioning and are able to manage almost any condition with proper herbal prescriptions alone or in combination with simplified point stimulation protocols and daily exercises or breathwork.

tongue top.jpg
tongue botom.jpg

What are we looking for?  Well here are some examples of what we look for on the tongue. We look at the color, coat, texture, as well as a slue of other things.  These can mean things alone or in combination with what else we are seeing and give us good clues as to how your body is functioning on the inside.  We can track the progress of our herbal formulas by retaking pictures every 2-4 weeks and possibly adjusting your formulas.

Herbal Formulas are perfect for digestive issues, autoimmune issues, and menstrual issues but can be helpful for most conditions.

Evergreen Herbs can be shipped directly to your home for the cost of herbs and approximately $15 shipping fee.  Most conditions require a mixture of 2-4 formulas.  These come in a granular form and can be easily mixed together at home. You can also set up a time to pick-up your herbs at our clinic.

Both New Patient Treatments and follow-up Treatments can be done via telemedicine.

During your Virtual appointment your acupuncturist will:

  • Assess and diagnose your problem over a secure video link

  • Listen to your concerns, while giving guidance

  • Explain and demonstrate how to manage your pain/condition with the acupuncture point stimulator.

  • Give specific recommendations for you!

  • Provide education and self-management techniques

  • Recommend beneficial foods, supplements, and herbs 

  • Order herbal formulas to be shipped directly to your house

  • Develop a home care program

  • Advise on an appropriate follow-up schedule

  • Direct you to other services when appropriate