Pricing Changes for 2021

We want to thank everyone for supporting us this hard year. Due to significant changes in the structure of our business and prolonged fixed prices, it was necessary for us to update our pricing for 2021. Current prices will run through the end of December 2020. You are welcome to pre-buy any services at your current price through December 31, 2020, these pre-bought services will have an expiration date of 1 year from the date of purchase. (Gift cards are cash value only and are not considered pre-bought treatments. For example a $70 gift card bought in 2020 is worth $70 in 2021 even though the treatment you wanted it for may have gone up in price) Please call or email to purchase services at your current price.

MASSAGE - $15 add-on for CBD massage

30min - $55.00

4 pack (exp. 1 year) - $200.00

60min - $80.00

4 pack (exp. 1 year) - $260.00

90min - $110.00

4 pack (exp. 1 year) - $360.00


treatments now include herbal and dietary consult

needle retention ranges 20-45 min depending on consult time

New Patient Treatment - $100

Return Patient Treatment - $50

Herb follow-up only see under Virtual TCM

Package of 12 (exp. 4 months) - $500


Video call herbal and dietary consultation

New Patient -$55

Follow up - $35

(follow up will be charged for e-mail, video, or quick in-person 10min follow-ups)


Fire Cupping - $70

Cupping - $40

Gua Sha (10min treatment) - $35

we will no longer be offering add-on pricing for cupping and gua sha

Orthopedic Acupuncture & Reiki prices will stay the same

Please be aware when purchasing acupuncture appointments Anne will be on maternity leave from late February through March.

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