July Classes

We are excited to be offering new classes this July!

Gua Sha at Home - July 3rd 11AM- 12:30PM (6 participants) - $65

Learn Gua Sha for at-home use and self-care. The class will cover Gua Sha basics that you can use at home. You will receive one gua sha spoon and one jade gua sha tool. During this class, you will be paired with a partner for practice. The class will cover gua sha on the body and for sickness (does not include face work). This class is for home use only, not for professionals.

Facial Gua Sha at Home - July 10th 11AM - 12:30 PM (8 participants) - $150

This class will teach you to do your own TCM facial at home! Learn how to cup, use a derma roller, and gua sha your face to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen and skin absorption. Class includes a facial cupping and gua sha set and one derma roller. Please bring a small mirror and your favorite moisturizer to class. This class is for home use only, not for professionals.

Buteyko Breathing Adult Class - Saturdays July 24th -August 21st 11AM - 12PM (4-6 participants) - PROMO PRICE $350

Exercises in Breathing Re-Education to decongest the nose, switch to nose breathing and reset the breathing center in the brain towards more functional breathing patterns. - Lifestyle changes including sleep, diet and physical exercise.

5 week Buteyko Breathing Class for 17+ Adults. This class is a general class not specified to a specific issue. Class includes reading materials and one box of mouth tape.

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