Chinese Medicine Online: The Tongue

Even as the world starts to open back up, and we're venturing out of it houses, it seems clear that everything will be different for a while. I've been exploring ways to get most out of online treatment platforms. I've taken a 3 hour class on just on tongue diagnosis though pictures! and a class on correcting the bodies microbiome though herbs and breathing which can be the foundation of health. I also started doing Wim Hof but that's a different story. I'm hoping that what is starting to develop here can turn into our permanent herbal treatment program.

So what can we really tell from a tongue? Actually an exciting amount of things! With the tongue we are looking at signs of what is happening internally and where to direct our treatment. We look at the Color, Shape and Coating of the tongue on top and underneath.

Below are a couple of tongues (look at your own risk!) to give you an idea of how different they can look. I've highlighted a few things that stick out.



When we look at your tongue in combination with your symptoms we start to get an answer to the question why? Why are you having this symptom or that symptom? Are they stemming from a similar cause? Is there a cascade going on in your body? If we don't ask WHY and simply treat your symptoms with herbs we could get an initial result but we're not helping you in the long run to keep the issue from returning or cause future problems. We might feel helpful initially but what we are doing might actually be reinforcing your pathology.

Our next step is to prescribe herbal formula(s). We like to start addressing the body in would might be called a layered approach. If we see certain pathologies all mixed together working on them in a specific systematic way (like turning off the water before working on leaky pipe) can keep us from endlessly fixing the same issue.

We will retake picture every 1-4 weeks and revisit symptoms to see if we need to switch up your formulas. There might be more than one stage of getting your body into order.

Many of the herbal formulas we use safe with most medications and health issue but always make sure to tell us ALL your prescription and OTC medications. We like to stick to commonly used, well researched and relatively mild formulas ( formulas that aren't extreme in nature as to keep side effects minimal and not cause a different problem with our fix). Although the formulas a considered mild some "side effects" are actually intended and although they might seem a little uncomfortable (like increased bowel movements or more urination) are actually helping to get your body functioning properly.

For more information check out of Telemedicine section.

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