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Chinese Herbal Formulas can be unfamiliar to many people.  Even those who have a background in western herbalism might not fully understand how amazing these formulas can be. TCM has hundreds of herbs and hundreds of different combinations of them.  Formulas should be looked at as a tailored prescription for an individual not for a disease or condition. 


 Just like the precise documentation that TCM has on acupuncture points and there effect on the body, there is also a long and well-documented effect of herbs and herbal combinations.  This includes dosing and contraindications.


  Herbs in combination can be used to treat a wider range of symptoms and they can increase or decrease the effects of other herbs in the formula. This makes the formula more effective and decreases the risk of unwanted side effects.



Herbs are taken at a low dose multiple times per day.  This eases the body back into balance, gives us time to adjust your formula, and greatly decreases the chance of unwanted symptoms from developing.  Herbs can work slowly but they work well and have limited side effects when used properly.

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