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Gua Sha

Now offering classes for Home Gua Sha

& Gua Sha Facials

Gua sha is a method that uses pressure/scraping with a ceramic or stone tool. Gua means to scrape or rub Sha represents the toxic energy that is released when the technique causes blood to flush to the surface of the skin making red splotchy marks.

What is Gua Sha actually good for?




Pulled Muscles


Shin Splints

Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain

Repetitive Stress

Numbness Tingling




Gua Sha Treatment


Gua Sha treatments focus on one area of the body usually the back and neck.  Treatments take approximately 10min.

Gua Sha in-person Class

TBA (6 participants) - $65


Learn Gua Sha for at-home use and self-care. The class will cover Gua Sha basics that you can use at home. You will receive one gua sha spoon and one jade gua sha tool. During this class, you will be paired with a partner for practice. The class will cover gua sha on the body and for sickness (does not include face work). This class is for home use only, not for professionals.

Facial Gua Sha in-person Class

July 10th 11AM - 12:30 PM (8 participants) - $150


This class will teach you to do your own TCM facial at home! Learn how to cup, use a derma roller, and gua sha your face to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen and skin absorption. Class includes a facial cupping and gua sha set and one derma roller ($110 value). Please bring a small mirror and your favorite moisturizer to class. This class is for home use only, not for professionals.

Gua Sha Video Tutorials

Coming Soon!


Learn Gua Sha at home through pre-recorded video classes.  These classes are for at-home use not for professionals.