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Orthopedic Acupuncture  Assessment

Orthopedic Acupuncture focuses on the correction of muscle disfunction and inducing physiological changes on the activity of the nervous system by precise peripheral nerve stimulation



When assessing pain it is important to distinguish between acute and chronic pain issues.  With acute pain correcting muscle disfunction might be an adequate treatment approach.  Chronic pain, however, can develop a complex pattern within the brain and may require a multi system targeted treatment to help decrease sensitivity to stimuli from the environment and stress as well as blocking pain signals through the nervous system.


Muscle Disfunction

A physical assessment that looks at postural patterning, gait, muscle weakness through isolated testing, range of motion and joint function is done during your initial assessment and treatment.

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Asking Questions

It is important to fill out your full health questionnaire for your appointment.  Although pain might always seem muscle or joint-related there may be other factors that are keeping you in discomfort.  You are a part of your healing process.  We work together as a team to manage your pain so it is important to be mindful of your experience and to be honest as we progress.

Visual Inspection and Palpation

Your acupuncturist will visually look over the affected area for any abnormalities.  On occasion, a patient may be referred out if an infection or something more serious is suspected.  Other inspection includes the assessment of muscles and joints through testing and palpation as well as visual inspection of gait and posture.