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Orthopedic or sports acupuncture is a style of acupuncture based on modern science of how the muscles and nerves work. It includes dry needling (or trigger point acupuncture), electro-acupuncture, Neurofunctional acupuncture and motor point acupuncture. Orthopedic/Sports Acupuncture is popular among athletes because it can relieve pain and offer an increase in strength and flexibility.


Dry Needling is a popular style of acupuncture that focuses on resolving trigger points and myofascial pain patterns in the body through the use of needling techniques that directly target the muscles.   


Electo-acupuncture uses specific electrical current to affect the nervous system and how it perceives pain in the body. 


Motor point acupuncture helps to reset the brain muscle connection by inserting a needle into the motor point (or point where the nerve connects to the muscle body) to help it function properly.

Neurofunctional Acupuncture is designed to target  both the CNS and PNS to shut down the bodies pain pathways.


Acupuncture can stimulate the nervous system to trigger specific reflexes that "reset" chronically tight muscles to relieve pain and improve overall muscle and joint function.  

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