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TCM acupuncture

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are based on the understanding that health is achieved through balance.  Optimum health is a state of balance or equilibrium that the body is constantly working to maintain. Symptoms such as pain or anxiety help identify different patterns of imbalance in the body.

TCM (acupuncture) practitioners diagnose patterns of imbalance in the body by observation and asking many questions.  Through thousands of years of observation and trial and error TCM has developed and been passed down to present day practitioners.  This long lineage of knowledge has formed a full system of medicine, allows us to diagnose and treat your patterns of disease.  By treating the root of these patterns not just the symptoms, we can address a wide range of conditions.


Acupuncture and TCM are commonly used to help conditions such as: pain, fibromyalgia, PMS and other gynecological issues, 

digestive issues, cold, flu, allergies and mental health diseases including depression, anxiety, and stress.  If you have any questions regarding a specific condition please contact us.  In general chronic conditions require longer courses of treatment than acute, see our FAQ for more information.


At MUA we have several different treatment types that convey the wide range of uses for acupuncture.  Our Stress Relief Treatment is short and quick to fit into a hectic lifestyle.  Our Preventative Treatment which is for overall or seasonal balance highlights the benefits acupuncture provides in easily correcting small imbalances before they become pathological.  The Maintenance Treatment is for frequent and consistent individualized plans to help with chronic conditions.  Last is our Extended Treatment to treat acute pain conditions or patients that need a consultation.  Pain Treatments are very specific and can take more time to get just right.  All New TCM patients must first book a New Patient Treatment before booking any other acupuncture appointments.


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